Have You Voted Yet?

It's T-9 days until Election Day or in other words: It's crunch time! Over 45 million Americans have already checked 'vote early' off of their to-do lists – either by mail or in-person. That's a record high. For reference, one report found only six million people had voted by this time in 2016. We're not mathematicians, but 2020 is bringing in more than seven times that.

Election experts say the numbers show a level of civic engagement and enthusiasm that hasn't been seen in years. (Talk about making democracy proud.) And the numbers are only expected to grow, as more states (hi, New York) kick off early voting in the coming days. Oh and, Americans around the country will be celebrating the first-ever Vote Early Day tomorrow.

The Associated Press reports more people already have cast ballots in this year’s presidential election than voted early or absentee in the 2016 race as the start of in-person early voting in big states led to a surge in turnout in recent days.

The opening of early voting locations in Florida, Texas and elsewhere has piled millions of new votes on top of the mail ballots arriving at election offices as voters try to avoid crowded places on Nov. 3 during the coronavirus pandemic.

The result is a total of 58.6 million ballots cast so far, more than the 58 million that The Associated Press logged as being cast through the mail or at in-person early voting sites in 2016.