LA Lakers Win 17th Championship

Congratulations are in order for the Los Angeles Lakers who won their 17th NBA championship title on Sunday night!

The Lakers beat the Miami Heat in Game 6 of the NBA Finals on Sunday in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, concluding their 95-day stay in the league's bubble. The team, led by LeBron James, wins its first championship since the 2010 team led by Kobe Bryant. The Lakers spent most of the decade that followed in the lottery, but now that they're back on top! LeBron James, who scored 28 points, 14 rebounds and 10 assists as Lakers beat Heat 4-2 to land first title in a decade, wants the world to know that he hasn't forgotten those who doubted him.

"I told Jeanie [Buss] when I came here that I was gonna put this franchise back in the position where it belongs. Her late, great father did it for so many years and she just took it on after that. For me to be a part of such a historical franchise, it's an unbelievable feeling not only for myself, but for my teammates, for the organization, for the coaches, for the trainers, for everybody that's here. We just want our respect. Rob [Pelinka] wants his respect. Coach [Frank] Vogel wants his respect. Our organization wants their respect. Laker Nation wants their respect. And I want my damn respect, too."

The team also suffered the most tumultuous loss in franchise history when legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant passed away January 26th, 2020. Kobe Bryant, who retired from basketball as a Laker in April 2016, was one of a few basketball players selected to be inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2020. Along with him, Tim Duncan, the longtime San Antonio Spurs forward, and ex-Minnesota Timberwolves and Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett.

LeBron James vowed to win another title in his honor on social media and called it "a comeback". While the city is still mourning the death of significant public figures who represented the culture, this win remains a comforting accomplishment for Los Angeles.

The Lakers announced Monday that because of safety precautions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team will hold off on any type of public celebration of the team's feat.