Presidential Debate Recap: A Disgrace To American Politics

As both candidate return to the campaign trail, the Washington Post reported on Wednesday that the Commission on Presidential Debates plans add “additional structure” to the remaining faceoffs between President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden after Tuesday night’s chaotic clash in Cleveland, saying “more orderly discussion is needed.”

Quick recaps of the first presidential debate:

This was maybe the worst presidential debate in American history.

Trump tried his darndest to paint Biden as a socialist, or at least beholden to the "radical left." But on issue after issue — "Medicare for All," defunding the police, and more — Biden disavowed policies the Trump campaign tried to lasso to him.

Biden just restated his positions, and they all line up with the middle of the electorate, far more than Trump's policy positions do.

If this was supposed to be a boxing match, it instead turned into President Trump jumping on the ropes, refusing to come down, the referee trying to coax him off, and Joe Biden standing in the middle of the ring with his gloves on and a confused look on his face.

To crown this presidential debate which looked more like a Real Housewives reunion, Donald Trump deviated multiple times by using the Black community as a way to shake Joe Biden in the middle of arguments.

Bottom line, who lost the debate?

The United States of America.